Team member
Mario Macin
Born in Mexico, graduated at the Activa school of photography.
I also pursued architecture studies at the Iberoamericana University and classical dance in Havana, Cuba.
In 1999 I became fascinated by photography and what was a hobby quickly turned into my profession.
I believe that combining technique with a contemporary, innovative approach is the key to capture the right image.
My career so far has spanned from works related to dance and fashion to broader subjects such as landscapes and urban environment. I also collaborated to renowned ADV fashion campaigns and catalogues, shooting in all sorts of settings, spanning from architecture and art to more conceptual
The last decades brought a social, political and technology shift that affected both me and my work profoundly, allowing me to experiment and therefore create my own vision: I got the opportunity to portray personalities from the entertainment industry, politics, dancers, musicians. My work was featured in two renowned collective exhibitions.
I am now getting my own retrospective ready and working on urban landscape projects.
I like to think about myself as a relentless seeker of beauty captured through images, and I love to constantly challenge myself with new projects and subjects, always pushing boundaries.
Photography is not only my job but my philosophy of life, and also the only way I am capable of looking at the world and embrace it.